Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am actively posting now at pastorwell.com, a site aimed at sharing pastoral wisdom and Christian insight. Please visit pastorwell.com, bookmark it, and come back often. I am posting articles primarily about the Christian life, marriage, contemporary issues, and serving as a pastor. I do not promise you won't see occasional photos of my ridiculously cute grandchildren, frequent tributes to my godly, gracious, and gorgeous wife, Tanya, and grateful descriptions of the most grace-filled church I've ever known, Buck Run Baptist Church (buckrun.org), but I do promise I will try to post lots of articles of substance that will help you in your Christian walk. If it helps you remember it, you can also get there by going to hershaelyork.com. I hope you like the new format, and I hope you find information there that helps you in life, ministry, and marriage.

Come to the well and be refreshed: pastorwell.com