Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Links to Sermons, Articles, and Posts

I hope to start writing on this blog again soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to post several things that I have done that appear elsewhere on the internet. Various sermons, lectures, interviews, and articles I've done are orbiting through cyberspace, so I thought I might aggregate them here for those who might find themselves looking for such things.

For Such a Slime as This: Esther is Nobody's Hero

Why Can't You Be Like Your Brother? (Gen 38) Judah crashes Joseph's party

Written for Our Instruction (1 Cor 10) Paul's Use of the OT

Apologia Pro Morta Sua (A Defense of His Death): Joshua 8 and the Slaughter at Ai

The Prayers We Don't Pray (but Jesus told us to)

The Dark Side of Grace: When Jesus Doesn't Show Up (John 11)

A Bloody Shame: Why God Tried to Kill Moses (Exodus 4)

A Word of Anxiety: The Suffering of Christ on the Cross

Do You Do Well? Jonah 4

Buck Run audio sermons

The Buck Run Podcast

Another way to get the Buck Run podcast

Buck Run is moving!

My sermons and articles on PreachingToday.com (you can get free access if you register--trust me, this site is worth it! Great stuff!)

The Preacher's Voice (article)

Don't Preach Like a Writer (Aim for the Ear!)

Your Baby's Ugly! (Why do some preachers get better and others . . . ?)

Interview with Ray Carroll at fallenpastor.com Part 1

Interview with Ray Carroll at fallenpastor.com Part 2

Interview with Trevin Wax